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Project management service specialized in inbound/outbound architectural and construction related projects.

Executing oversea architectural/construction project is extremely complicated maneuver especially for domestic Japanese clients who are not familiar with international settings.  Each project step requires delicate and immediate decision making such as contract execution, design decision making, and numerous coordination tasks with all involving parties.  Nakajima-LLC will support the client throughout all project phases providing advice and necessary industry insights to guide the project to its success.  Also, for the inbound international clients operating in Japan, Nakajima-LLC will provide the local support and advice to guide the client through unfamiliar business ground.

Project management for architecture/construction project

Schedule and cost management for architectural project

Service coordination for architectural technical consulting

Project design and construction supervision service on behalf of client


Client support and project coordination service for oversea architecture/construction project

Each country and region has its own unique means of carrying out the architectural projects and Japanese domestic approach does not always prevail in foreign settings.  Flexible yet agile approach to unfamiliar territory will be the key to success but experiences guide will always help to encounter unfamiliar tasks.  Nakajima-LLC will stand aside the client throughout the project phases and provide needed support to reach the desired goal.

Project coordination service for international architecture/construction project

Overall development project advice and work support

Project site supervision/coordination service


Project support service for local architectural firm/contractor during international architecture/construction projec

International architectural/construction projects are often enormous challenge for clients and also for consultants and other participants such as architects and contractors.  Especially for the skilled and experiences consultants, unfamiliar standards and customs are pure struggle more so than for the fresh eyes.  Nakajima-LLC will not only support the clients but also the architects and industry specialist to tackle the unfamiliar tasks ahead.

Project coordination support for architectural firm engaged with international architectural project

Practice running support for architectural firm

Advice and information gathering support for architectural design service


Japanese/English language translation service for architecture/construction project

We will provide Japanese-English and English-Japanese language translation service.

Japanese-English language translation service

English-Japanese language translation service

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